Tuesday, April 3, 2012

[Kiriman] Thank You.

To My dearest..

Thank you for being a man, Who always see me as beautiful and cute no matter how ridiculous I look, sweaty and comot or even when I am at my worst..

Thank you for being a man, With such patience treating me so well regardless my misbehave, my inconsiderate sulking and my childish requests as well as thoughts..

Thank you for being a man, Who never lost his temper despite my never ended accusation along with my thoughtless whining..Thank you for being a man, who never yells at me for every slap, pinch, messing with his hair or for the countless cigarette thrown away.

Thank you for being a man, who never once asked for my money regardless how many he spent for me. Thank you for being a man, who always gives his level best although he is being tormented by all the blames from others who simply do not know the deep inside of him.

Thank you for being a man, Who would jokes just for the sake of a smile on my face regardless of his own bleeding heart..Thank you for being a man, Who took care of me with such full of concern without giving a care about his own behalf..

Thank you for being a man, who would hold me, comfort me for every time I’ve cried..Thank you for being my pillow and cuddled me up when I’m asleep..Thank you for staying on the phone, keeping me company till I fell asleep..

And most of all..

Thank you for being a friend, a best friend, a partner, a brother, a guardian..Thank you for being my abg, my yunk, my dear, my papa, my panda, my bantal..Thank you for being my everything..

I remember once I was so upset with you for not prioritizing me..instead of losing your temper, tenderly u asked me whether if I understand your situation. It reminds me of how selfish and unappreciated I am towards you.. 

I used to cry whenever you hold me tight and close..because i was so afraid of time passing by which I know will eventually drawing us apart..because it was such a beautiful, precious, perfect moment, and I know, none perfect would last forever..

as my tears falling, u held me tighter..u whispered words of comfort..for each and every time, I would feel safe..as if nothing could go wrong..everythin’s going to be just fine..

but now that you’re gone, none whispers could comfort me like the way yours did..

I’m sorry..
I miss u..I miss me..I miss us..

your past.

Pengirim : Unwanted 

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